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Suzanne Kraft - Horoscope 12"


Suzanne Kraft cultivates sunsoaked boogie and grow house chuggers in the West Coast garden of earthly delights. A bubbling Dublab alumn, Lil Suzie unleashed the lauded Green Flash EP on Running Back a year ago now, stamping a crisp signature on wax platters with addictive vocal snips and slow release pill-wave. The 12” popped up on numerous top lists and garnered spins from the likes of: Permanent Vacation, Runaway, Justin Miller, Sleazy Beats, Juno Records and Tim Sweeney of the renowned Beats In Space radio show. Like a praying mantis or Venus Flytrap, Kraft’s tracks lull listeners into a subtle comfort before snapping fast in attack – followed by a postcoital cigarette, of course. These are jams that you feel all around you; seeping deep into mental crevices, stretching out and making themselves at home.

Now fresh off the heels of a Red Bull Music Academy admittance, a shimmering remix of Tomas Barfod’s “Came To Party” for FoF and the feel-good stunner “Jus U” from YA’s inaugural EP, Horoscope finds Suzanne easing off the samples and diving headfirst into synth, bass, harmony and percussion driven compositions. The title track jogs along with a solar powered pace guided by grooving guitar lines, eventually combusting supernova-like with homespun falsetto croons. “No Worries” ups the ante with infectious stabs and a driving baseline that graciously set the stage for one of SK’s restrained yet rewarding pay-offs. The b-side hits full stride with two explorations of repetition and space that both eclipse the 120 mark. “Ritmo” is an intergalactic workout tool complete with swirling delays and arpeggiated melodies, while “Feel” cranks up the punch and mood yet still remains ethereal with its cloud-covered flute line.

Rounding out Horoscope are the p-funk sunset comedown of “Crest”, the Professional Gold mix of “No Worries” by L.A.’s own Secret Circuit, and Future Times frontman Max D’s Raw Flute Swing of “Feel”.