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Tomas Barfod - Came To Party 12"


1. Came To Party
2. Hyperion
3. Came To Party (Salva Remix)
4. Came To Party (Suzanne Kraft Remix)
5. Came To Party (Mark E Remix)

Churning with a big room pulse primed for the dance- floor, Tomas Barfod unveils the 'Came To Party' 12", the follow-up to his 'Salton Sea' LP on Friends of Friends.

Featuring "Came To Party" and the previously unreleased Barfod track "Hyperion", the 12" comes equipped with a slowburner remix from Mark E (Spectral Sound / Merc), a future funk rework by Salva (FoF / Frite Nite), and a serene poolside sprawl by Suzanne Kraft (Young Adults / Running Back).

'Came To Party' is already receiving support from Digitalism, Tim Sweeney of Beats In Space, and Brooklyn's Wurst label.